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Individuals, organisations and business are concerned with the uncertain future. Therefore, in today’s volatile times, the field of futures thinking is even more critical than ever before. Futures thinking is rooted in the understanding that knowledge of the future is not possible but knowledge of the factors that shape the future are known and their consequences provide a palette of possible future outcomes, states or scenarios. Join us therefore at our Annual Conference which serves as a platform for collective dialogue around possible futures and scenarios.

This year our Annual Conference includes the pre-conference workshop and the launch of our new-look Business Futures publication.

Dr Martin Reynolds

Martin is a co-founding member of, and lead academic liaison for, the Applied Systems Thinking in Practice (ASTiP) Group at the Open University.

Dr Etienne van der Walt

Etienne is a neurologist, and co-founder and CEO of Neurozone®. He blends extensive experience from the clinical world with years of active involvement in the fields of leadership development, research, analytics and developmental cognitive neuroscience.

Temba is a director of the Free Market Foundation (FMF).  He is chairman of the Langa Heritage Foundation and trustee of the Helen Suzman Foundation, the Cape Town Carnival and is also a council member of the (SA) Institute of Race Relations.

Temba Nolutshungu

Dr Chris van der Merwe

Chris founded the independent school education group Curro in 1998. Since 1999 Chris has been CEO of Curro. As from 1 July 2017 Chris has been appointed as the Group CEO of Curro’s tertiary education business, Stadio Holdings Proprietary Limited.

Lesiba Mothata

Lesiba joined the Alexander Forbes Investment Solutions exco in 2017 where he provides context on the market and economic conditions, especially relating to South Africa and emerging markets.

Shereen Amos

Shereen is the owner of Sugarbird Studios. She facilitates strategic stakeholder conversations through on-camera inquiries and online engagement platforms. She will specifically share more about how an on-camera stakeholder inquiry unearths the silent collective future narrative.


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Richard is a scholar and writer in the field of futures studies, applied foresight and social innovation. He is the co-director of Foresight International, and has guest edited the journals Futures and Foresight

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Business Futures 2017

As the flagship publication of the Institute for Futures Research, the annual Business Futures is a useful reference for the latest developments in the field of futures. Launched in 1976, this publication was already a forerunner in its field back then. This year’s publication includes articles from about 50 authors relating to the latest futures developments in their respective fields. 

How to use Business Futures? 

Why use Business Futures? By obtaining the insight of various authors in various fields, the IFR provides its associates with the ability to acquire foresight about multiple possible ways in which their futures could unfold.

Business Futures combines the latest trends and insights about the potential influence of emerging change and helps sketch the future.

This comprehensive publication is a must-have for all strategic planners grappling with long-term 
decision-making in an ever-changing environment.

From 2017 onwards, Business Futures will only be available electronically. Join us on Thursday, 
19 October 2017 as we reveal the new-look Business Futures. The publication will be available for all current associates and can also be purchased at the event. 

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Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October 2017  

STIAS, Stellenbosch, South Africa


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Thursday, 19 October 2017
17:30 for 18:00

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As the flagship publication of the Institute for Futures Research (IFR), Business Futures is a useful reference for the latest developments in the field of futures. This annual publication is a must-have for all strategic planners as it provides foresight in an 
ever-changing environment.

Thursday, 19 October 2017
09:30 - 15:00

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The pre-conference workshop offers an opportunity for you to engage with futures thinking tools and techniques which can assist you to make more sense of the uncertain future we are facing….


Friday, 20 October 2017
08:00 - 14:00 (lunch to follow)

Register by 13 October

The IFR Annual Conference offers the latest thinking on various topics that can inform strategic long-term decision making. The speakers are experts in their respective fields and will challenge the way you view the future. This will foster learning and provoke conversations that matter.

launching the new-look Business Futures 2017


The speakers





Free of charge to existing associates

Attendance of Workshop only: R8000 | Attendance of Conference only: R 8000 | Attendance of Workshop and conference: R15 000

Business Futures package: R24 860 (includes Business Futures publication, 2 seats at Conference, 2 seats at Business Futures 
Workshop in November)

Cocktail function: Free of charge (but RSVP is essential)

Peter is founder and Executive Director of Teach the Future. He led the University of Houston Master's in Foresight programme for 30 years and wrote Teaching About the Future with his colleague Andy Hines.

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Trudi Makhaya

Trudi is an economist, CEO of Makhaya Advisory and a columnist for Business Day and BDlive. She was also a member of the executive committee at the Competition Commission of South Africa from 2010 to 2014

Siba Mtongana

Siba is a passionate and dynamic food enthusiast, expert and award winning author with a degree in Food and Consumer Sciences with Majors in Food, Food Science and Nutrition. She is a Food Network star with her own show called Siba's Table which airs in more than 130 countries world wide including the US, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. She's the founder and MD of The Siba Co, a Food Solutions and Innovations company. She has won 3 international and 5 local awards for all her work in the local and global food arena.