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At the IFR, we understand that time is of the essence in the world in which we live. That is why we offer several training and development options to choose from during 2019. Depending on your organisational or individual needs, you can opt for short training courses (workshops), USB's academic programmes in Futures Studies (a postgraduate diploma, MPhil and PhD) and programmes presented in association with our partners (USB-ED, IRMSA and Knowledge Resources):

1.      Short training courses

These workshops have been designed in the sequence provided below. They can be presented in-house to groups of up to 25 delegates.

Workshop optionsDurationWorkshop outcomes
Futures Thinking Tools and Techniques2 days

This workshop will assist participants to:

  • Understand the principles of thinking about the future
  • Understand futures thinking methods and techniques
  • Identify trends and drivers of change
  • Analyse trends and drivers of change
  • Evaluate a system
  • Understand the cognitive strategies and tenets of systems thinking
  • Appraise system evolution
  • Consider future system evolution and possible future states of a system
Scenario Planning1,5 days

This workshop will assist participants to:

  • Understand the role of scenario planning in the strategic management process
  • Understand the difference between scenario planning, forecasting and trend analysis
  • Practise and apply the tools and techniques needed to develop different scenarios
  • Execute the scenario planning process successfully
Scanning1,5 days

This workshop will assist participants to:

  • Understand what environmental scanning is
  • Identify why it is important to scan the environment
  • Understand how it fits into strategic and operational management
  • Design and apply a scan approach for their organisation, based on the current business model
Engendering Foresight1,5 days

This workshop will assist participants to:

  • Appreciate the benefits of an engendered foresight culture for an organisation
  • Understand how and where to fit foresight responsibilities into an organisational structure
  • Assess the foresight status of their own organisation
  • Design an approach that aims to engender foresight into the culture of their own organisation

2.      Academic programme options (please click on the links)

These degree programmes are best suited for individuals who wish to integrate futures thinking into their full-time employment. The programme formats allow you to study while you work:


3.      Programmes presented in association with our partners