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The IFR Research Colloquium is a unique community where futurists and aspiring futurists can engage in in matters relating specifically to the futures field. The key purpose of this community is to create a platform that will allow members to dialogue and share their learnings.

The next colloquium will take place on 22 February 2018 and where the future of water will be discussed and debated in light of the current crisis facing the Western Cape. Click here for invitation

We will share more details for each event closer to the actual date, but please diarize these future dates.

2 March 2018 l 4 May 2018 l 1 June 2018 l 3 August 2018 l 7 September 2018 l
2 November 2018

Should you have any specific interest in Futures thinking contact Lynnette at to become part of this growing community.